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Our Product Range

Small Business Document Solutions mx-c301w-slant-960

Up to 30 Copies Per Minute

A Powerful Multifunction Advantage for Everyday Document Demands
Our multifunction devices are ideal for light office use, and you’re not restricted to printing. You can also copy, scan or fax with the same device.
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Medium Business Document Solutions Medium-Business

31 to 50 Copies Per Minute
Putting Speed, Stunning Image Quality and Solid Security at the Centre of your Office Needs
our mid–volume multifunction printers are perfect for use by larger organisations and office teams.
All devices feature copy, print, scan and fax functionality.

Large Business Document SolutionsiR ADV DX C5800 Series Main Unit Staple Finisher HCT

50+ Copies Per Minute
Providing Secure Solutions to High-Speed, High-Volume and Demanding Production Environments
High-volume, high-performance our multifunction devices for the most demanding applications including, government and commercial use.

Light Production MFD Light-Production

Precise. Productive. Professional. A True Colour-on-Demand Powerhouse
When you need speedy output, outstanding print quality and reliable data protection at the heart of fast, efficient document management.